Helpful Advice

Why should I replace my windows?

  • Your home is your greatest investment and besides just needing a general upgrade on your house, there are numerous benefits to replacing your windows.
  • Windows Plus Construction specializes in Energy Efficiency. In today’s market, energy efficient homes are worth a lot more and this is one of the ways you could guarantee a higher selling price later on.
  • If your carpet, furniture or drapes are fading, replacing the windows will help block the ultraviolet light that’s causing the deterioration.
  • If your electric bills are high, it could be because of your windows. After a while, the seals around your window could fail. This causes gaps that let air in and let heat out, wasting energy and costing you more money. In fact, lowering your electric bills means saving over $12,800 in the next 10 years just by replacing your windows.
  • Newer windows reduce sound transfer so it is quieter inside your home.
  • If your windows are leaking or sweating, it’s time to replace them.
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